BEDFORDS PROLIFIC  Large, handsome, black; fine market sort. Medium [Goodmans1914]


BEDFORD PROLIFIC  A valuable variety for market; large black fruit. (Railton)   <Ausbuds>  {Goodmans95}


BIGGAREAU BLACK  (Friedenstruh Orchard)


BIGGAREAU WHITE  (Friedenstruh Orchard) (Ralph Long)


BLACK BOY  {Goodmans95}


BLACK REPUBLICAN  Large, heart-shaped: skin glossy, purplish black; flesh purplish, half tender; a superior fruit; ripening a week before May Duke.  [Goodmans1914]   <Ausbuds>


BLACK TARTARIAN  Flesh tender and delicious, large, black.  Medium. Fine variety.  [Goodmans1914]  <Ausbuds>


BURGSDORF'S SEEDLING  A first-class cherry of colonial origin, raised by Mr Burgsdorf of Harcourt.  Large, early, dark red.  [Goodmans1914] <Ausbuds>  {Goodmans95}


CHAPMAN  A large, black cherry; heavy cropper.  Very early.  [Goodmans1914] <Ausbuds>  {Goodmans95}


DALMORE WHITEHEART  A seedling that came up on the Dalmore property at Dargo.  The flesh near the seed is white in colour.  Heavy bearer of good flavoured cherries.  Brought to our attention by Vince

Phelan of Dargo in 1992. .


EAGLES SEEDLING  Fine, large, black cherry.  Medium  [Goodmans1914] <Ausbuds>{Goodmans95}


EARLY LYONS  Very large, black.  Early.  Good market kind. (Goodmans1914)  <Ausbuds>  {Goodmans95}


EARLY PURPLE GUIGNE  Dark, purple, large.  Very early.  [Goodmans1914] <Ausbuds>{Goodmans95}


EARLY RIVERS A fine black kind. [Goodmans1914]{Goodmans95}


FLORENCE  Large, bright red, carries well, one of the most popular varieties.  Late [Goodmans1914]  <Ausbuds>  {Goodmans95}


MORELLO  A first class cooking cherry.  Late   [Goodmans1914] {Goodmans95}


MORELLO (English) 


MOSS EARLY  {Goodmans95}


NAPOLEON  {Goodmans95}


NOBLE   Beautiful late sort, dark red fruit, flesh firm and good flavor; tree hardy, prolific and vigorous.  When known, this variety will be esteemed as one of the best sorts and largely grown.  [Goodmans1914]


RONS SEEDLING  {Goodmans95}


ST MARGARET   Very large, black, firm flesh; very valuable late kind. [Goodmans1914]{Goodmans95}






KENTISH  A good variety for cooking and preserving.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


LAMBERT  {Goodmans95}








ABESSEE DE MOULAN  Dark red, firm, excellent fruit, largely grown in Belgium for exportation to England [Goodmans1914]


ARCHDUKE   Large, rich and good, almost black.  Medium [Goodmans1914]


BELLE DE MONTREUIL  Very large, round, marbled with red; Flesh firm, deep red, sugary, perfumed.  Medium   [Goodmans1914]


BELLE D ORLEANS  Small fruit, tender and juicy, pale red color.  Early [Goodmans1914]

BELLE DE ORLEANS  An early variety, pale red colour; flesh tender and delicious.  (Railton)


BELLE DE ST. TROND  A very early and excellent variety.  [Goodmans1914]


BELLE ELLEN (WICKS SEEDLING) A large black cherry.  Medium  [Goodmans1914]


BELLE DE PISTOIA  Medium [Goodmans1914]


BELLE DE SEAUSE  Fruit round; deep red; flesh yellow and juicy.  Morelo variety.  [Goodmans1914]


BELLE DE TRANCONVILLE  Late  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU CHRISTY  A very large cherry.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU D HOLLANDE  Large bright red, flesh firm.  Late [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU EARLY BLACK  A fine black cherry.  Early.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU ELIZABETH  Large red.  Late.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU FROGMORE  Large, pale yellow and red; one of the best early kinds.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU GROS COEURET  Large heart-shaped; skin when fully ripe a dark thinning red, almost black; flesh firm, purplish sweet.  Medium [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU GROS GOMBALLOIS  Largely grown in the west coast of France; fruit very large, fine flavor, and said to be one of the best mid-season cherries grown.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU LATE MOTTLED  A first class late cherry.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU MONSTREAUX DE MEZEL  Very large and good.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU NAPOLEAN  (ROYAL ANN) Large, bright red color.  Late.  Firm. Favourite for canning.  [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU PELISSIER  Beautiful fruit, flesh rosy, firm, juicy. Early [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU PLANCHOURY  Large roundish, bright red.  Late. [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU ROCKPORT  Pale red, flesh tender, good; heavy bearer.  Early. [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU TURKEY  Large red and yellow; enormous cropper.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


BIGARREAU TWYFORD  Pale yellow and red, first-class quality.  Early. [Goodmans1914]


BIG JABOULAY  Like Early Lyons; same season; growth the same. [Goodmans1914]


BIG COMMON  Large, red; good bearer.  Medium  [Goodmans1914]


BIG GAUCHER  [Goodmans1914]


BLACK BOHEMIAN  A large black cherry.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


BLACK EAGLE  Dark purple, fine market kind; bears well.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]


CENTENNIAL   Very large fruit; of great excellence; tree vigorous; hardy grower; good bearer.  [Goodmans1914]


CALIFORNIAN ADVANCE  A seedling of Early Purple Guigne, large, purple, great bearer.  [Goodmans1914]


DONCASTER PROLIFIC  Firm, good.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]


EARLY GEAN    (Friedenstruh Orchard)


ELTON  A large, red kind flesh firm and good.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


HEART OF MIDLOTHIAN  Heavy cropper, large, nearly black.  Early. [Goodmans1914]


KNIGHTS EARLY BLACK  Richly flavoured, large, early; heavy bearer. [Goodmans1914]


LA NAPPE   In France it is considered to be the best variety.  Late [Goodmans1914]


LATE PURPLE GUIGNE  Similar in color to Early Purple Guigne.  Late. [Goodmans1914]


LOWELLING  Fruit a rich cherry color, of good flavor.  Late [Goodmans1914]


LOUIS XV111 Tree vigorous and very productive; fruit large, roundish; skin rich dark red; flesh tender, firm, juicy.  Late. [Goodmans1914] One of the earliest cherries mentioned in Downings.


MAY DUKE  Brownish-black, large; heavy bearer.  Early.  [Goodmans1914]


MERVILLE DE LANGSUR  Tree prolific, of upright growth; fruit very large, oval, dark red, juicy, sweet aciduous flavor.  Late.  [Goodmans1914]


OHIO BEAUTY  A productive and valuable variety; fruit large, obtuse heart-shaped, light ground mostly covered with red;  Flesh tender and juicy.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]


OLIVET  Very rich, large, deep red.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]


OREGON  Very large reddish purple, firm, sweet. Very late.  [Goodmans1914]


OX HEART  Handsome cherry, large, dark red, firm.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]


PURPLE GEAN  (Strathdon)


RAMON OLIVA   A beautiful variety, dark red, glossy, firm, fine and sweet; very early and prolific.  [Goodmans1914]


REINE HORTENSE  Tree healthy, and handsome grower, productive, and a very desirable variety; fruit very large, roundish, elongated; skin a bright red, somewhat marbled and mottled;  flesh tender, juicy, very slightly subacid, and delicious.  Late.  [Goodmans1914]


SUDA HARDY  A seedling of the Morello; very prolific.  Late. [Goodmans1914]


WERDERS EARLY BLACK  Large, black, fine flavor; heavy cropper.  Early. [Goodmans1914]


WINDSOR  Very large, dark red, nearly black, very firm.  Late.  Good bearer.  [Goodmans1914]


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