- ANGELINA BURDETT (Angelina)  A large early plum, rich, juicy and of good flavor. [Goodmans1914]  A very productive variety; fine flavour. Early. [Railton] [Sci] <Bathurst> <Mark> <Griffith> <Loxton>{VT}{Goodmans95} 


BARDONA  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


BECKY SMITH  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 




CADWELL'S   [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


CANTERBURY  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


COES GOLDEN DROP  Large yellow Plum; excellent either for dessert or preserving.  Late.  [Railton] <Bathurst> [Sci]{VT} {Goodmans95} 




DAMSON; AMERICAN  Small purple fruit; very juicy and sweet.  Early. [Railton]  Located 1995 by Permaculture Southern Highlands  


DAMSON; CRITTENDEN'S  Large, good; great cropper.  Late. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] 


DAMSON KRIKON <Mark><Loxton> 


DAMSON; LUTHERBURGH  [Burnley]  <Bathurst> 


DAMSON; MERRYWEATHER Vigorous; fruits when two or three years old; large size; much bigger than any other damson and possessing true damson flavour.  [Ormond] 


DIAMOND A very large purple plum, and one best kinds for preserving. [Goodmans1914]  One of the largest and best varieties.  Medium [Railton] {VT}  <EGOAA>   [Sci]{Goodmans95} BLACK DIAMOND  <Bathurst> 


EARLY ORLEANS  An early culinary plum, also good for desert.  [Goodmans1914] A first class preserving plum.  Early.  [Railton] {Goodmans95} 


ESWILL  [Ref3]  .<Bathurst> 


EVANS EARLY  Medium.  Black, covered with bright blue bloom.  The earliest of all dark plums. [Goodmans1914]   Located 1995 by Permaculture Southern Highlands 


FOTHERINGHAM  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


GOLDEN GAGE  (Coles?)   


GOLDEN SATSUMA  (Presumably listed as European by mistake [Ref3])<Bathurst> 


GRAND DUKE  A very large plum.  Purple color; great cropper, and the best of the late plum Grown. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Bathurst> {Goodmans95} 


GREEN GAGE  A well-known variety, very rich and good.  Medium. [Goodmans1914] A well known variety; the richest of all dessert plums. Medium. [Railton] [Sci] <Bathurst> {VT} {TFN}{Goodmans95} 


IGAMI  (Another mistaken Japanese?) [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 






ISABELLA  [Ref3]  "Medium in size or large, oval, slightly narrowed to the base; skin dark dull red, dotted darker; stalk 3/4 of an inch long, a little hairy, cavity moderate; flesh yellow, rich, juicy, and slightly adhering to the pointed stone.  [Thomas] [Burnley]  [Sci] <Bathurst> 


JEFFERSON  A large, golden-yellow, beautifully bloomed plum, juicy, highly flavored;  one of the best:  Medium.  [Goodmans1914] Large oval, yellow plum, of good quality.  [Railton] [Sci] 


JEWELL  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


KING BILLY [Sci] <Bathurst> {VT}{Goodmans95} 


MAGNUM BONUM   RED  Large, red, cooking plum.  [Goodmans1914] [Burnley] <EGOAA>  [Sci] 


LATE SHIPPER  Syn Shipper?  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


LOMBARD Medium size. Violet red.  Good for dessert or preserves. Supposed to yield very well.  [Goodmans1914] (Syn Bleekers Scarlet, Ref3). "Tree very very vigorous, hardy and has strikingly crimpled leaves, bright purple glossy shoots, very productive, popular. Fruit of medium size, roundish oval, slightly flattened at either end. Suture obscure. Stalk quite slender, scarcely 3/4 of an inch long, set in a broad, abruptly narrowing cavity.  Skin delicate violet red, paler in the shade, dotted with red, and dusted thinly with bloom.  Flesh deep yellow, juicy, and pleasant, but not rich; adhering to the stone." [Downings] See picture.  [Sci] LOMBARDY  [Burnley]  <Bathurst> 


MOYER  <Loxton> 


OLD ENGLISH  (Probably not a real name but a local description) [Ref3] <Bathurst> 


OPHIR  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


PERSHORE  (Syn Yellow Magnum Bonum, Yellow Egg Plum, White Magnum Bonum.) [Burnley]  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


PRESIDENT Large, oval and deep purple plum.  Heavy bearer.  Late and a good keeper.  [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Mark><Bathurst><Griffith> <Loxton> 


PURPLE GAGE  A medium size, purple colored plum.  [Goodmans1914] Medium-sized fruit, of good quality.  Medium.  [Railton] "Tree moderately vigorous.  Branches smooth, much like those of the Green Gage.  Fruit medium sized, shaped like the Green Gage, roundish, a little flattened.  Suture shallow, but distinct.  Stalk an inch long , rather thick, set in a narrow cavity.  Skin a little thick, violet, dotted with pale yellow, and covered with a light blue bloom.  Flesh greenish yellow, rather firm, rich, sugary, and highly flavored; separates from the stone, which is oval and compressed.  Ripens rather late and will hang on the tree- shrivelling a bit, but not cracking." [Downings]  [Sci]  Found growing at Baynton by John Pinniger and scion donated 1994 by Mr & Mrs Anderson.  


RED CHERRY  An early and first class variety; small fruit.  Good breakwind.  [Goodmans1914]  [Sci] 


RIVERS EARLY PROLIFIC  Of medium size, and a very heavy and early bearer.  [Goodmans1914]  Medium sized fruit; the tree is a good bearer. Early.  [Railton] RIVERS EARLY FAVORITE  "Rather small, roundish-oval, with a shallow suture, nearly black with russet dots, bloom blue; flesh greenish yellow, juicy, excellent.  Very early.  New" [Thomas] [Burnley] EARLY PROLIFIC <Bathurst> 


SENIOR ORLEANS  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


TERO  <Loxton> TRAGEDY  Very large purple; this is one of the finest early plums introduced, being as large as the diamond plum, and ripening just before the Rivers Early Prolific; fruit sweet, first class dessert. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Bathurst> 


TUCKER  [Ref3]  .<Bathurst> 




BLUE DANUBE  <Bathurst><Griffith> 


BULGARIAN   Medium size, dark purple, sweet; valuable drying. [Goodmans1914] <Bathurst> 


BURTON    <Griffith> 






CACAK SUGAR  <Bathurst><Griffith> 


CACAK 11/11/11/59 


PC PRUNE  <Griffith> 


PLUM  CACAK 11/1/11/59  <Bathurst> 


D'AGEN or FRENCH Large purple; heavy bearer; the best prune grown. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Mark> {VT}<Griffith><Loxton> 


D'ENTE (IMPERIAL EPINEUSE)  Recommended an one of the best of American varieties. [Goodmans1914]  <Bathurst> D'ENTE 707  <Mark><Griffith>   D'ENTE 42 ANZ 


FEILEMBERG (ITALIAN, LARGE GERMAN or SWISS) Another good drying or preserving plum.  Medium  [Goodmans1914]


FELLENBERG  [Burnley]  [Sci] (Frankston) <Bathurst><Griffith> 


FRENCH IMPROVED  (Syn Morganhill)  [Ref3]  <Griffith> IMPROVED FRENCH  (Syn Morganhill)  [Ref3] 


GRAND PRIZE  <Griffith> 


HULBERT {FHN}  <Bathurst><Griffith> 


ITALIAN PRUNE FELLENBERG  (Frankston)<Griffith> 


PACIFIC  Large size, dark purple, good keeper; very sturdy and robust grower; a first class prune.  [Goodmans1914] <Bathurst> 


COATES   <Griffith> 


POZENACA   <Griffith> 


REEVES  <Griffith> 


ROBE DE SARGENT  Medium sized, deep purple; sugary, rich and delicious. Shy bearer in places.  [Goodmans1914]  


RUTH GERSTETLER  <Griffith> RUTH GERSTETTER  (Frankston) <DP> <Bathurst><2><Griffith> 


STANLEY  <Griffith><Loxton> STANLEY (BCRI) 


SUGAR PRUNE  <Bathurst><Griffith> 


TC PRUNE  <Griffith> 


TRAGEDY  <Griffith>  (also listed as a European plum) TULUE DULCE  <Griffith> 


GF303 GF626 GF642 GF652 GF698 P448-Z  <Griffith> 42 ANZ  <Griffith> 54V3  <Griffith> 






BELLEROSA  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


BLACK AMBER  <Bathurst><Griffith><Loxton><T> BLACK AMBLER  <Mark> 


BURBANK  Of medium size, cherry red color, with lilac bloom; very sweet and most delicious flavor; good grower and enormous cropper. [Goodmans1914] <Bathurst> {VT} 


BEAUTY  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


BURMOSA  {VT}  <Mark> <Bathurst><Loxton> 


CHALCO  Ripens just before Burbank; is large and flat like a tomato; deep reddish purple; sweet, firm, yellow.  [Goodmans1914] <Bathurst> 


CYCA SMOMO  Syn Upright Blood  [Ref3]  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


DELAWARE   Large, round, dark red, very rich and juicy. Very late. [Goodmans1914]   [Sci] <Bathurst> 


DONSWORTH    <Mark> <Bathurst> {VT}<Griffith><Loxton> 


DORIS  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


EARLY GEM   [Burnley]  <Bathurst> 




EARLY RIVERS  Medium sized dessert plum; rich and good.  Early. [Railton] [Sci] 


EARLISWEET  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


ELEPHANT HEART  <Mark>  {VT} <Bathurst> 


FORMOSA  A heavy bearer of fruit, resembling Kelsey and Wickson in size; color red; flesh pale yellow, sweet, rich and delicious; good shipping kind, and ripening few days after Santa Rosa.  [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Bathurst>(SA) 


FRIAR   {VT}  <Mark> <Bathurst><Griffith> 


JACKSON <Loxton> 


KELSEY  A very large yellow and bright red plum, juicy and rich; very small stone; one of the best for canning and drying; carries well; heavy bearer.  Early  [Goodmans1914] <Bathurst> 


HUNTER LATE  {VT} <Bathurst><Loxton> 


LARODA <Mark> <Bathurst> <Griffith>{VT} 


LATE SANTA ROSA   <Griffith> 


MARIPOSA  <Mark> <Bathurst> {VT}<Griffith> 


NARRABEEN [Sci] <Mark> <Bathurst>  {VT} 


OCTOBER PURPLE  Flesh yellow, melting and juicy, of exquisite flavour, and almost transparent;  a small stone.  [Goodmans1914] . <2A,b> [Sci] <Bathurst> 


PASHA   (Prunus triflora selection)  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 




PURPLE KING  [Ref3]  <Bathurst> 


QUEEN ANNE  (Frankston)  <Bathurst><2><Griffith><Loxton> 


QUEEN ROSA  {VT}  <Bathurst><Griffith> (SA) 


RED ACE   <Mark> <Bathurst> 


REDGOLD  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


RED HEART  Large, red color; very good for preserving; small tree, but good bearer, and bears very young.  [Goodmans1914] <Mark>  <Bathurst> 


ROYSUM  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


RUBIO  Very large, oval; crimson skin and deep crimson flesh; very firm and fine quality flesh.  [Goodmans1914]  Located growing on Kangaroo Island, S.A. by Kym Gregory. 


RUBY BLOOD   <Mark> <Bathurst><Loxton> {VT} 


SANTA ROSA Fruit of this is very large, and purplish crimson in color; another excellent blood plum, and A1 for dessert; good strong grower. One of the best.  [Goodmans1914] [Sci]  <Mark> <Bathurst> {VT} <Griffith> SANTA ROSA LATE  <Bathurst> 


SALAD  [Ref3]   <Bathurst> 


SATSUMA  or BLOOD PLUM  Large, dark red, very juicy, and of rich flavor. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <2a,b,d> <Mark> <Bathurst> {VT} 


SIMKA  <Mark> <Bathurst><Griffith><Loxton> 


SMALL BLOOD  <Bathurst> 


STIRLING  <Bathurst><Loxton> 


SULTAN   Large oval; sweet; dark crimson in color; cross between Satsuma and Wickson. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Bathurst> 






WICKSON  One of Burbank's best; a beautiful carmine with white bloom; very small stone, firm, sweet, most delicious; keeps well, and if picked when hard will ripen and color as well as if on the tree; sturdy grower and most productive.  [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Bathurst>  {VT} 


WILSON  {VT} <Mark> <Bathurst><Loxton>{Goodmans95} 






ACKERMANN <Bathurst> 


ALL PRODUCER  <Bathurst> AU PRODUCER  (Frankston)<2> 


ARCHIBOLD <Bathurst> 


ARKASS LATE  [Ref3] LATE ARKASS  <Bathurst> 




BOSTONS PRIDE  <Bathurst> 


BROWNS BLOOD  <Bathurst> 


BRUCE  <Bathurst> 


BURMOSA  <Mark> 


CARVER  <Griffith> 


CASSELMAN  <Mark> <Bathurst><Griffith> 


CRIMSON  <Bathurst> 


DAMAS C  <Bathurst> 


DUARTE <Mark> 


DUFF'S EARLY JEWEL   (Frankston)<2> 


EARLY LAXTON  (Frankston) <Bathurst><2> 


ELDORADO  (Frankston)  <Bathurst><2> 


EXPLORER  <Bathurst> 


FREEMAN  <Bathurst> 


FRENCH  <Mark> 


FRONTIER  <Mark>  <Bathurst> 




GROVES LATE  <Bathurst> 


GF 31  <Mark>

 GF 3O3  <Mark>

GF 626  <Mark>

GF 642   <Mark>

GF 652  <Mark>

 GF 698  <Mark> 


GULF GOLD  <Mark> GULFGOLD <Bathurst> 


GULF RUBY  <Mark> GULFRUBY  <Bathurst> 


HARRY PICKSTONE  (Frankston) <Bathurst><2>(SA) 


HICKWARD <Bathurst> 


HOMESIDE  <Bathurst> 




 KYOGLE  <Bathurst> 


LATE DAVIS  <Bathurst> 


LEWIS BLOOD  <Bathurst> 


MARJORIES  {TFN} <Bathurst> 


METHLEY  <Mark>  <Bathurst> 


MRS DUNCAN  <Bathurst> 


MRS JACKSON  (Jackson? <Loxton>)<Bathurst> 


NUBIANA  <Mark> 


OZARK PREMIER  (Frankston) <Bathurst><2> 


PATTERSON <Bathurst> 




POZECACA  <Bathurst> 


PRINCE OF WALES  [Burnley]  [Sci] <Bathurst> 


PURPLE  (Frankston)<2> PURPLE LEAF  <Bathurst> 


QUICK <Bathurst> 


RADIANCE  <Bathurst> 


REUBENNEL  <Bathurst> 




 ROSSI  <Bathurst> 


 SANTA MARIA <Bathurst> 


SHIRO  Medium to large fruit of uniform size.  Clear light yellow with thin white bloom.  Clingstone. Early.  Very heavy bearer. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] <Mark>  <Bathurst>


 SKEUSE  <Bathurst> 


STANTHORPE  <Bathurst> 


 TOKA  (Frankston) 


TULEU DULCE  <Mark> <Bathurst> 


VALOR  <Mark> 


VICTORIA  The celebrated English variety. Large fruits; intense pale red color, with beautiful bloom; flesh yellow and very luscious; specially fine desert variety, the fruit slipping entirely clear of the stone when cut; heavy cropper.  Our stock is the true English variety; many plants sold under this name in Victoria have not been the true type.  We strongly recommend this as the sweetest and most serviceable plum.  Late. [Ormond] [Burnley]  [Sci]  (Frankston) <Bathurst> 


WADE  (Frankston) <Bathurst>






YAKIMA  <Mark> 






ANNA SPATH  Tree vigorous and very productive; highly recommended, medium. [Goodmans1914] .. 


APRICOT  (Syn Lieqel's) [Ref3]  "Size rather large, roundish, suture deep; stalk scarcely 1/2 an inch long; surface yellow, dotted and tinged with red in the sun; bloom white; flesh yellow, rather firm, slightly bitter, becoming, when ripe, melting, juicy, and pleasant.  Rather early.  Shoots quite downy. [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


ARCHIBALD  [Ref3]  . 


AUTUMN BEAUTY  [Ref3]    . 


AUTUMN COMPOTE  A medium sized Plum; good for preserving.  Late. [Railton] [Burnley]  . 


BELGIUM PURPLE  (Syn Blue Belgium)  [Burnley]  . [Sci] 


BELLE DE LOUVAIN  Large, purplish red, very good cooking plum, and a splendid bearer.  Medium [Goodmans1914] [Burnley] 


BELLE DE SEPTEMBER  (Syn Autumn Beauty)  [Ref3]  . BELLE DE SEPTEMBRE   Large handsome fruit; excellent for preserving. Late.  [Railton]  [Burnley]  . 


BILLINGTON  (Also recorded as a Japanese Plum)  [Ref3] 


BLEEKER'S SCARLETT   (Lombardy ?) [Ref3]  . 


BLUE IMPERATRICE  (Syn Empress, Ref 3) "Size medium, obovate, narrowed to the base in a somewhat conic neck; skin deep purple, bloom copes, blue; stalk three fourths of an inch long, slightly sunk; flesh greenish yellow, rather firm not juicy, rich, sugary; ripening very late and hanging till nearly winter." [Thomas] "The true Blue Imperatrice is an admirable Plum, one of the finest of the late plums, hanging for a long time on the tree and may be kept in the fruit-room a long time after being gathered.  It is rich, sugary, and excellent.  The branches are long, smooth, and slender, and the smaller twigs start out at nearly right angles with the main branches." [Downings]  See picture. [Burnley] . 


BOULOUF  [Burnley]


BRYANSTON GAGE  (Syn Reine Claude De Bavey) [Burnley]  [Sci] 


BURTON  [Ref3]


CLYMAN  The earliest plum grown; beautiful rich bluish color, and most delicious flavor.  A strong grower and good bearer, and a very valuable market kind. [Goodmans1914] [Burnley] 


COE'S GOLDEN DROP (Purple Sport)  [Burnley] 


COES LATE RED  Very late and very valuable plum. [Goodmans1914] (Syn St Martins? [Ref3]) "Size medium, roundish, suture distinct on one side, skin light purplish red, bloom thin, blue; stalk three fourths of an inch long, scarcely sunk; flesh rather firm, crisp, rich, vinous. Very late, productive, shoots downy.  A valuable late plum."  [Thomas] [Burnley]


COES LAWFORD GAGE  (Syn Lawford Gage) [Ref3]


CSZAR  [Ref3]


DAME AUBERT BLANCHE  (Egg Plum)  Very popular fruit, chiefly on account of its large and splendid appearance, and a slight acidity, which renders it admirably fitted to making showy sweetmeats or preserves. Medium.  [Goodmans1914]. 


DAMSON; COLES PROLIFIC  Very good quality; the tree is a great bearer. Late.  [Railton]  [Sci]  


DAMSON; COLE'S SUPERIOR Fruit of largest size, oval, sweet and delicious. Very late.  [Goodmans1914]


DAMSON; CLUSTER  [Burnley]   


DAMSON; ENGLISH  One of the very best for jam.  Medium [Goodmans1914] Small purple fruit; good for preserving.  Late. [Railton] [Sci] 






DAMSON;  KING OF THE DAMSONS  Tree very productive; fruit large and good.  Medium [Goodmans1914]


DAMSON; KNEESHAM  A dark plum, good for jam.  Early and heavy bearer. [Goodmans1914] .. 




DAMSEN; MERRYWEATHER  [Sci] [Burnley] . 


DAMSON; PLUM  [Burnley]  . 


DAMSON; RIVERS EARLY  One of the best of the early sorts.  [Goodmans1914] 


DAMSON; STROPHSHIRE  the best for jam.  Medium  [Goodmans1914] One of the best varieties for preserving.  Medium.  [Railton][Sci] 


DAMSEN; SUMMER   [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


DAMSEN; VERMONT  [Burnley]   [Sci]  . 


DAMSON; WHITE (Syn Shailers White Damson) [Ref3]  . [Burnley]  [Sci] 


DE MONTFORD  A first class variety, and of fine flavor.  Early. [Goodmans1914]  A beautiful Plum, of the finest quality.  [Railton] [Thomas] gives the same description for De Montford that Downings gives for De Montfort except Thomas's description says adheres to stone.  .. DE MONTFORT  Tree of moderate growth, spreading and very productive. Branches smooth.  Fruit medium size, roundish oval.  Suture large and extending to apex.  Skin dull purple, with russet dots and stripes, a thin blue bloom.  Stalk half an inch long, rather stout, set in a small cavity.  Flesh greenish, juice abundant, sweet, and rich; separates from the stone.  [Downings]   See picture.  [Burnley]  [Sci] . 


DENNISTON'S SUPERB  "An excellent seedling from Mr Dennistons famous plum orchard, near Albany, N.Y., of the Green Gage family, a third larger than the latter variety, and nearly as rich in flavor.  Fruit round, and having a distinct suture, often extending quite round the fruit.  Skin pale yellowish green, marked with a few purple blotches and dots, and overspread with a thin bloom.  Stalk rough, three fourths of an inch long, set in a cavity of moderate size.  Flesh very thick (the stone being small).  Moderately juicy with a rich vinous flavour; stone parts readily, and it is roundish and thick." [Downings] See picture. [Burnley]  . 


 DIAPRE ROUGE  A very large prolific variety.  Medium.  [Railton] DIAPREE ROUGE  Heavy bearer, red.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]  [Burnley] .. 


DUKE OF EDINBUGH  Large, red and of good quality.  Medium. [Goodmans1914] 


EGG PLUM  (Syn Pershore?) [Ref3]  . 


ELEPHANT  (probably a mistake for Elephant Heart, a Japanese Plum)[Ref3] 


EMERALD  Tree vigorous and very productive; fruit medium sized, yellowish green.  Late.  [Goodmans1914]  .  [Sci] 


EMPRESS  (Syn Blue Imperatrice ?)  [Ref3]  . 


 FULTON  Fruit large, skin white, canning, etc. Medium. [Goodmans1914] Tree vigorous and productive.  Branches smooth, reddish.  Fruit roundish oval.  Suture shallow, half round.  Skin whitish yellow, covered with a bloom, blotched and marbled in the sun.  Stalk rather stout.  Cavity large.  Flesh golden yellow, juicy, sugary, vinous.  Good to very good. Separates from the stone.  [Downings]  See picture. . 




GOLIATH  Very large and showy; excellent for preserving.  Medium. [Railton]  (Syn Wilmots Orleans) [Ref3] . [Sci] 


GRANTVILLE SEEDLING  [Goodmans1914]  . 


 GUTHRIE'S LATE GREEN  [Ref3]  "Raised by Mr Guthrie, Scotland.  A very rapid grower.  Branches smooth.  Fruit medium, globular, swollen on one side.  Skin yellow, with splashes of green, and covered with a thin bloom.  Stalk three-fourths of an inch long, inserted in a small cavity. Flesh greenish yellow, juicy, sugary, rich, adheres to the stone." [Downings]  See picture.  . [Sci] 


HILL(S) END   [Ref3]  . HILL END  [Burnley]  . 


HULINGS SUPERB  Tree very vigorous.  Upright, moderate bearer;  fruit very large, greenish yellow, thinly covered with pale bloom, nice brisk flavour.  [Goodmans1914]  .  [Sci] 


IMPERIAL DE MILAN  Large, purple, juicy, good cooking or desert.  Late. [Goodmans1914]  .  [Sci] 


 KIRK'S   A first-class variety, large and black.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914] Large prolific plum; very rich flavour.  Medium.  [Railton] KIRKE'S [Ref3]  "Size medium, round, suture small; skin dark purple, bloom thin, blue; stalk 3/4 of an inch long, slender, cavity slight; flesh greenish yellow, firm, rich, free from the flat , broad stone. Season medium. Shoots smooth.  Resembles the Purple Gage.  [Thomas] [Burnley]  . KIRKES [Sci]? 


LARGE BLACK IMPERIAL  A very large, purple cooking plum. [Goodmans1914] A very large purple plum; fine for preserving.  Medium.  [Railton] [Sci] 


LATE BLACK ORLEANS A really good plum, and a great cropper, late. [Goodmans1914]  . 


LATE ORANGE Skin bright orange and covered with heavy bloom; rich and good.[Goodmans1914]  . 


LATE TRANSPARENT Fruit large and round, greenish yellow.  Small stone. [Goodmans1914]  . 


LAWFORDS GAGE  A very fine yellow gage plum.  [Goodmans1914] .  (Syn Coes Lawford Gage [Ref3]) 


LIEGELS  (Syn Apricot) [Ref3]  . LIEGEL'S APRICOT  [Sci] 




MAGNUM BONUM  WHITE  [Burnley]  . 


MAGNUM BONUM YELLOW  A large, yellow and first class culinary plum; a regular and heavy bearer. Late. [Goodmans1914] Large oval plum; excellent for preserving.  Late.  [Railton] (Syn Pershore [Ref3]) MAGNUM BONUM  (Yellow??) [Sci]? 


MIRABELLE DE METZ (Syn Mirrabelle Jaune?) [Ref3]  . MIRABELLE JAUNE   (Syn Mirabelle de Metz?, Mirabelle Petite?) [Ref3] [Burnley]  . 


MITCHELSON'S  [Burnley]  .     [Sci] 


MONARCH Large dark plum.  Heavy bearer. Good late plum.  [Burnley] [Sci] 


MC LAUGHLIN  Tree vigorous and productive; a valuable variety, nearly or quite equal to Green Gage; fruit large; skin thin and tender, yellow, dotted and marbled with red on the sunny side, and covered with a thin bloom; flesh dull yellow, rather firm, juicy, very sweet and luscious. Late.  [Goodmans1914]  .  [Sci] 


MUSSEL  [Burnley] . 


OCTOBER GREEN GAGE  An excellent late plum.  [Goodmans1914]  [Sci] 


OULLINS GOLDEN GAGE  A first class dessert plum.  Early [Goodmans1914] This is a German plum, large and showy.  Tree very vigorous and productive, with smooth branches, stout, short jointed.  Fruit large, roundish inclining to oblong.  Suture broad and shallow, ending at apex, which is shallow.  Skin pale greenish yellow, covered with a thin whitish bloom, and sometimes a few red dots in the sun.  Stalk of medium length, slender, inserted in a deep cavity.  Flesh greenish yellow, juicy, sugary, and rich; adheres slightly to the stone at one edge, which is small and rather thin."  [Downings]  See picture.  [Sci] 


 PEACH PLUM   "Very large, roundish-oblate, regular, flattened at ends, suture distinct, shallow; color varying from salmon to light brownish red; stalk very short, cavity narrow, shallow; flesh rather coarse, juicy, sprightly, free from the nearly round, very flat, much furrowed stone.  Shoots smooth.  Quality not very high, moderate bearer, tree somewhat tender.  Shoots smooth, vigorous."  [Thomas] [Burnley] .  [Sci] 


 PENTE  Fruit round, semi-transparent, bright cherry-red and of a delicious flavour; tree a healthy and vigorous grower; a seedling of Queensland origin, is said to be the earliest plum in existence. [Goodmans1914] 


PICKERING  [Ref3]  . 


PONDS SEEDLING  Excellent market kind, large red, great bearer.  Late. [Goodmans1914]  "English origin.  Tree very vigorous and productive; a beautiful fruit.  Branches smooth, greyish.  Fruit very large, oval tapering a little towards the stalk, sometimes with a mamelon neck. Skin yellowish, nearly covered with a bright red or carmine, having a thin whitish bloom, and sprinkled with brownish dots.  Flesh yellow, a little coarse, juicy, and sugary, but not rich."  [Downings] See picture. .  [Sci]  


PRINCE ENGLEBERT  Large, purple, dessert or culinary plum.  Medium. [Goodmans1914]  A useful plum; for either preserving or dessert. Medium.  [Railton] Fruit large, oblong oval.  Suture very slight, one side a little enlarged.  Skin very deep purple, sprinkled with brown dots, and covered with a deep blue bloom.  Stalk rather stout, set in a deep cavity. Flesh yellowish green, juicy, sugary: separates from the stone. [Downings]  See picture.   . [Sci] 


QUETSCHE ST MARTINS  (Syn St Martins)  [Ref3]  . 


REINE CLAUDE DE BAVEY  A delicious dessert plum of the green gage variety.  Late.  [Goodmans1914] (Syn Bryanston Gage [Ref3]) [Sci] 


REINE CLAUDE DE DIAPHANE  (Syn Transparent Gage  [Ref3]) 


REINE VICTORIA   A large rich, purple colored plum of first-class quality; a great cropper, and one of the best for market.  Late [Goodmans1914]  .  [Sci] 


SAINT MARTINS  (Syn Quetsche St Martins) [Ref3]  . 


STINT  [Ref3]  . 


SULTAN  (recorded as a European and therefor distinct from the Japanese Sultan, but questionable)  [Ref3]  . [Sci] 


THE CZAR  Large rich, purple colored plum, good bearer and excellent market variety.  Early.  [Goodmans1914]  . 




TRANSPARENT GAGE (Syn Reine claude Diaphrane)  [Ref3] "Fruit rather large , roundish inclining to oblate.  Suture shallow, ending at apex, which is large and quite deep.  Skin pale yellow, often much shaded with light bright red where exposed, and covered with a thin whitish bloom. Stalk short and quite stout, inserted in a medium or rather large cavity.  Flesh deep yellow, juicy, sugary, rich, and luscious.  Adheres to the stone, which is small, roundish and quite thick.  [Downings]  See picture. . 


WASHINGTON  Large yellow plum of good quality.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914] Large, handsome, yellow plum, one of the best. Medium.  [Railton]  "The Washington, although not equal to the Green Gage and two or three others in high flavor, yet its great size, its beauty, and the vigour and hardiness of the tree, are qualities which brought this noble fruit into notice everywhere.  The Washington has remarkably large, broad, and glossy foliage, is a strong grower, and forms a handsome round head. Wood light brown, downy.  Fruit of the largest size, roundish oval, with an obscure suture, except near the stalk.  Skin dull yellow, with faint marblings of green; but when well ripened, deep yellow, with a pale crimson blush or dots.  Stalk scarcely 3/4 of an inch long, a little downy, set in a shallow wide hollow.  Flesh yellow, firm, very sweet and luscious, separating from the stone."  [Downings]  See picture. [Sci]  . 


(Mistakenly listed Japanese Plum? [Ref3] 


WHITE MAGNUM BONUM  (Syn Pershore, Yellow Magnum Bonum, Yellow Egg Plum.)  [Ref3]  .  [Sci] 


WINESOUR  [Ref3]  . 


WILMOT'S ORLEANS (Syn Goliath)  [Ref3]  . 




YELLOW CHERRY A fine yellow plum, far superior to Red Cherry, and first class for preserving or jam.  Makes a profitable hedge. [Goodmans1914] 



Missing Prunes- DE CATALOGNE  [Burnley]  . 


EARLY FRENCH  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


GERMAN  Flesh is honey-yellow and of remarkable sweetness and so firm that it can be shipped almost any distance in good condition. [Goodmans1914] [Sci] 


GIANT  Not a good prune, but excellent for marketing purposes, will ship well.  Regular and heavy bearer.  [Goodmans1914] Syn Burbanks Giant Prune [Ref3].  ..  [Sci] 


GOLDEN  A very large  golden colored plum, of most delicious flavour; strong grower, and heavy bearer, and one of the best varieties for canning drying.   [Goodmans1914]  .. 




HUNGARIAN  Very large, ovate.  Skin thick and reddish violet. Juicy and sweet.  Very profitable for market and very fair dried prune. [Goodmans1914] 


LATE FRENCH   [Sci]  . 


MIRABELLE DE FLOTOW   Large oval plum resembling Coes Golden Drop. Similar in flavor but very much earlier.  [Goodmans1914] 


PISSARDII   Small fruit of little value; foliage crimson purple, giving a striking appearance as an ornamental tree.  [Goodmans1914] PISARDI   [Burnley]  .  


SILVER   Very valuable canning variety, large; fine cropper. [Goodmans1914] 


SPLENDOR  Seedling from d'Agen Prune, fruit very large and sugary, a freestone; tree very productive and a healthy and vigorous grower. Ripens early for a prune.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


SUGAR  Tree very vigorous and productive; fruit extremely large, tender, rich and very juicy,  Very early.  [Goodmans1914]  .. [Sci] 


ST CATHERINE  Medium size, skin pale yellow, overspread with white bloom; flesh yellow, juicy, firm, rich, perfumed, very good. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


SIMONI  Medium roundish and flattened; yellow and firm flesh, with a peculiar flavor.  Where it does well it is good for shipping. [Goodmans1914] 


WANGANHEIM  [Burnley]  . 




Japanese plums


ABUNDANCE  (A Japanese plum/Apricot hybrid, possibly the plumcot in current circulation.  [Ref3] 


ACE  Syn Red Ace? [Ref3]  . 


AKARANA Tree vigorous and productive; fruit large, brilliant carmine; ripens with the cherry plum. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


ALPHA  [Ref3]  . 


AMERICA  Light yellow flesh; ripens five weeks before Gold; a splendid keeper.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


APPLE  Fruit averages about 2 1/2 inches in diameter; when nearly ripe turns to a deep reddish purple.  Has been shipped from South Africa to England with exceptional results.  A shipment last season (1913) realised 10/- for trays of 48 plums.  Will become one of the leading plums for shipping from Australia.  [Goodmans1914]  [Sci] 


ADMIRAL TOGO   Fruit round and handsome.  Skin bright crimson.  Flesh solid, rich, juicy and yellow.  Tree vigorous grower and heavy bearer. Ripe just after cherry plum.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


BALLENA A very large and early plum, with a crimson color; flesh firm and pale yellow, with the flavor of a Bartlett Pear; Strong and handsome grower, producing good crops.  [Goodmans1914]  .. [Sci] 


BARTLETT   A very fine red plum; very heavy cropper, and an early bearer.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


BLOOD NO 4.  Fruit medium size, dark red flesh, sub acid; tree of erect growth.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


BOTAN or ABUNDANCE  Very large, amber and cherry color; beautiful bloom; very tender, juicy, delicious.  Very early.  [Goodmans1914] 


CLIMAX  Large, heart-shaped, very highly colored, juicy, luscious, fine perfume.  Early  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


COMBINATION  One of Luther Burbanks, described by him as a Japanese Plum.  Trees are hardy and fruit is large and handsome.  Sweet pineapple taste; small stone.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


CROSWELL'S  Syn Croswells Prolific?  [Ref3]  . CROSWELLS PROLIFIC  Syn Croswell's?  [Ref3]  . 


EARLY JEWEL  [Ref3]   . 


ELIZABETH  [Ref3]  . 


EXCELSIOR  [Ref3]  .  [Sci] 


FEDERATION  Introduced by Mr R W Wright, Auckland, N.Z..  Cross between Burbank and Wickson.  Tree resembles Burbank in growth yet fruit is Wickson in shape in shape, size and color.  Prolific bearer.  Ripe in February.  [Goodmans1914]  ..  [Sci] 


FOIST  Medium sized fruit.  Pale amber with a faint blush on the sunny side.  Fruit pale yellow.  Very early.  [Goodmans1914] 


GAVIOTA  Handsome fruit of cherry red color; flesh firm and of excellent quality; good grower, and a heavy bearer of fruit with a small stone. [Sci] 


GENERAL SAIGO   A first-class; sort; resembles the apricot; great bearer.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


GOLD   A new variety, one of the best; very handsome and delicious fruit; enormous bearer.  [Goodmans1914]  ..

GOLDEN HEART  Tree vigorous and very prolific; fruit beautiful golden yellow, with red cheek; flesh firm, rich, sweet.  Medium [Goodmans1914] ..  [Sci] 


HALE   Fruit large; bright orange, mottled with cherry red; superb in quality.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


HATTANIKO  [Burnley]  . HATTONKIO   Medium size, skin bright yellow; light orange flesh, solid, and an agreeable flavor; valuable market variety on account of its earliness.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


HAY'S SEEDLING  Tree hardy and prolific; fruit round, dark purple, firm, juicy, luscious.  Medium.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


HERMOSILLO   Medium sized plum; skin deep purple; flesh firm, crimson with pale yellow shades; very early and good; delicious, rich, high flavour.  One of the best.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 








KING COLE   Very large fruit, lovely carmine tint, nice vinous flavor. Very early; Regular bearer.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


 MADERIA  Large early hybrid plum; peculiar flavor, strong upright grower, and heavy bearer of fruit; not yet fully tested. [Goodmans1914] ..  [Sci] 


MAYNARD  Very large, nearly round, slightly flat at one end.  Rich crimson purple.  Flesh firm, even, melting and juicy.  Early [Goodmans1914] 


MISSOURI APRICOT  Large fruited, of good red color; will carry well. Medium.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


OGAN  Large yellow.  A first class plum; strong grower; very productive. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


OGDEN  Large, round; flesh firm; light golden-yellow, very sweet. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


PATERSON  [Ref3]  . 


PRESIDENT  (Listed as Japanese, possibly in error for the European "President")  [Ref3]  . 


RED ACE  Syn Ace? [Ref3]  . 


RED JUNE  Fruit large. flesh firm; tree a hardy and vigorous grower. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


 RUTLAND PLUMCOT  Cross between plum and apricot; deep purple, violet skin; flesh red; subacid flavor rendering it fit for jams, jellies and kitchen use.  [Goodmans1914]  ..(??) 


SANDAL  [Ref3]  . 


SHARP'S EARLY  A very early and profitable Japanese plum.  Large size, good appearance and grand flavour.  Flesh firm yet juicy.  Prolific and regular cropper.  [Goodmans1914]  .. 


SHIPPER  Syn Late Shipper?  [Ref3]   .  [Sci] 


TRENWELL  [Ref3]  . 


UNIVERSAL NO. 2  A first class and very early variety.  [Goodmans1914] 


UPRIGHT BLOOD  Syn Cyco Smomo.  [Ref3]  . 


WICKSON CHALLENGE  Syn Formosa (not Wickson). 


WILD GOOSE  [Ref3]  .  [Sci] 


WRIGHT'S EARLY  Fruit resembles Burbank in shape and size, but much earlier.  Has a tendency to grow uneven sized fruit.  [Goodmans1914] .. 


YELLOW GAGE Very valuable kind, strong grower, and enormous bearer. [Goodmans1914]  .. 


YELLOW JAPAN  Round, lemon-yellow, very prolific.  Medium. [Goodmans1914] 






ALTESSE BLANCHE  [Burnley]  . 


ANDREWS SUPERB  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


AUNT ANN  [Sci]  . 


BELLE DE LOUVAIN  [Burnley]  . 




BELOIR  [Sci]  . 


BLACK GAGE  [Burnley]  .  




BOLANKIO  [Burnley]  . 


BONNET D'EVEQUE   [Sci]  . BONNET EVERQUE  [Burnley]  . 




BRAHY'S GREEN GAGE  [Burnley] [Sci]  . 


BROMPTON  [Sci]  . 




CHABOT  [Burnley]  . 




COLUMBIA  [Burnley]  . 


CUMBERLAND  [Burnley]  . 




DATTE DE HUNGARIE  [Burnley]  . 


DECAISNE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


DECARDUCE  [Burnley]  . 


DENBIGH  [Burnley]  . 


DENYERS VICTORIA  A good cooking plum.  Medium.  [Railton] . 


DORIS  [Sci]  . 


DOVEBANK  [Sci]  . DOVE BANK  [Burnley]  . 


EARLY ADMIRABLE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


EARLY GOLDEN DROP  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 






EUGENE FURST  [Burnley]  . 




FROST  [Sci]  . 




GARFIELD  [Burnley]  . 


GARIBALDI  [Sci]  . 




GOLDEN TINES  [Burnley]  . 




GRAPE  [Burnley]  . 




HARPER'S  [Burnley]  . 


HULING'S SUPERB   [Sci]  . HULLING'S SUPERB  [Burnley]  . 


ICKWORTH'S IMPERATRICE  A late dessert plum, of good quality.  Late. [Railton].  "Medium or rather large, obovate, purple, with irregular streaks of fawn color; stalk medium; flesh greenish yellow, sweet juicy, rich, mostly adhering to the rather small stone.  Very late, keeping into winter, becoming drier, sweeter."  [Thomas]   . 


IMPERIAL GAGE  [Burnley]  . 


IMPERIAL DE MILAN  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 










JULIEN   [Burnley]  . 


JULY GREEN GAGE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


 KANABAWA  [Burnley]  . 


KELSEY  [Burnley]  . 






LAFAYETTE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 






LATE HARVEY  [Burnley]  . 




LATE RIVERS  [Burnley]  . 


LAWRENCE  [Burnley]  . 




LINCOLN  [Burnley]  . 


MADEIRA [Sci]  . 


MARIANNE  [Burnley]  . 


MASU  [Burnley]  . 




MEREDITH'S  [Burnley]  . 






MOYOLO  [Burnley]  . 


NECTARINE  [Sci]  . 


NEWMANS  [Burnley]  . 




OREGON SILVER  [Burnley]  . 


OVERALL  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 










PETITE D'AGEN  [Burnley]  . 


PETITE D'ENTE  (Syn Robe de Sargent  [Ref3]) 


POUPARTS  [Burnley]  . 




PRECOCE DE TOURS  [Burnley]   . 








RED APRICOT  [Burnley]  . 


RED NEGATE   [Burnley]  . 














ROYAL DAUPHIN  [Burnley]  . 




ROYAL DE TOURS  [Burnley]  . 


ROYAL HATIVE  [Burnley]  . 




ST CATHERINE  [Burnley]  . 


ST ETIENNE  [Burnley]  . 


SANS NOYAU SPINOSUS (Blackthorn)  [Burnley]  . 




STANDARD OF ENGLAND  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


STONLESS   [Sci]  . 


STURT  [Burnley]  . 


TAKAPUNA DROP  [Burnley]  . 


TARDIVE MUSQUEE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


TIBBERTS  [Burnley]  . 


VICTORIA GAGE  [Burnley]  . 


VIOLET DE GALOPIN  [Burnley]  . 


VIOLET HATIVE  [Burnley]  . 


WHITE BULLACE  [Burnley]  . 


WILMOT'S LATE  [Burnley]  [Sci]  . 


WINESOUR  [Burnley]  . 




YELLOW IMPERATRICE [Burnley]   [Sci]  . 


YELLOW GAGE  [Burnley]  . 




 YOBOSE  [Burnley]  . 


YELLOW GAGE   Medium size; good quality.  Medium.  [Railton] YELLOW GAGE, PRINCE'S  (Syn American Yellow Gage)  Size medium; oval, slightly broadest at base; suture a mere line; surface golden yellow, slightly clouded; bloom white, copious; stalk an inch long, cavity small, round; flesh deep yellow, rich, sugary, smooth, short jointed, leaves glossy, tree spreading."  [Thomas] YELLOW GAGE, ENGLISH   "Small, round, suture on one side distinct; surface pale yellowish green, becoming yellow, with a few reddish dots, bloom dense; stalk half an inch long, slender, slightly sunk; flesh very sweet, pleasant, quite free from the stone.  Ripens nearly with the Green Gage.  Shoots long, smooth.  Of French origin."  [Thomas] 



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